Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

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To provide quality learning experiences for those seeking to expand their knowledge of the English language.


Language teaching which brings to class varied and effective methods, materials, and techniques helping to reduce student anxiety while promoting intrinsic motivation and generating cultural awareness and understanding.

The language services of Clear Horizons are devoted to fulfilling the needs of businesses and individuals seeking to improve their English language proficiency. We develop and deliver corporate training services and business language training for non-native speakers of English.  In addition to our business language services, through our TESOL program, we can help individuals in an organization achieve high-level competence in English as a second language.  Proficient English language communicators are confident and productive employees who make significant contributions toward achieving corporate goals.  Clear Horizons is also devoted to assisting businesses in non-English speaking countries with the promotion of commercial, industrial, and professional interests within the United States.

If you need materials produced in English or need help with English-language online marketing and social media content and campaigns, Clear Horizons can handle any project, large or small.

For those seeking United States citizenship, we provide training designed to help individuals pass the US naturalization test. The areas covered are: Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Civics.


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